The Resonating Island

Nalini Natarajan

From the reverberations of Madras and Kerala in the vegetation, fried fish and coco frío of Piñones to the visual reflections of Bombay in urban San Juan and of Goa in the Spanish architecture of Old San Juan, Nalini Natarajan has claimed an extraordinary kinship with the Caribbean in general and Puerto Rico in particular. Following the post-colonial trajectory of her generation of young Indians in search of new worlds to settle in, the affinity is at once «visceral, environmental, historical and primarily political». The Resonating Island is an attempt to understand this affinity through her own disciplinary insertion into scholarship—namely through the medium of literary-cultural interpretation.

Autor Nalini Natarajan
ISBN 978-1-935163-96-1
Editorial Terranova Editores
Año 2014
Páginas 169
Tiempo de impresión a la demanda 24 - 48 hrs


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