Roberto Clemente is: Momen. The Birth and Formation of the Man and the Legend (English)

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Daliana Muratti


In this literary work, the author uses oral research to inquire into Roberto Clemente's childhood and adolescence, a never-before-examined subject, thus making this the only book that explores those stages of Roberto's life. In the book, Carolina's Barrio San Antón is given its rightful place in the Puerto Rican star's biography and it also reveals his versatility as an athlete during his school years. For the first time, the house where he was born is shown. Its content was verified, in its entirety, by his brother Justino (Matino). In addition, the book has a photo album. It is a beautiful book in which more importance is placed on his childhood and adolescence, and it ends when Roberto, in 1952 and at age 17, signs with the Santurce team.

Author Daliana Muratti
ISBN 978-1-61887-816-8
Year 2016
Pages 70
Print On Demand
24 - 48 hrs


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