Puerto Rico Paradise in Limbo

Carlos E. Beck

Will Puerto Rico be a state?
How it could be.
Why it isn't.

This book was originally conceived as an apology for statehood. An apology is a justification or defense of something. However there are a lot of Puerto Ricans who right now would ask for an apology from anybody wanting Puerto Rico to become a state. For these Puerto Ricans statehood is a sell out of Puerto Rico. But since close to 50% of Puerto Ricans have voted for statehood, it is something that all Puerto Ricans should think about. If those wanting Puerto Rico to become a state were to be able to assure those who oppose it that they will not lose their language, culture and identity; that they have nothing to fear by becoming a state, then there may be a sufficient majority of Puerto Ricans to petition Congress for it. And if Puerto Rico becomes a state the United States will have demonstrated to the world that the American experiment in liberty, freedom and democracy is still alive. But if Puerto Rico does not become a state and goes its own way, the United States will also gain because it will stop being the owner of the oldest remaining colony in the world.

Carlos E. Beck was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He lived in Cuba and Venezuela as a child, and in Jamaica when his parents sent him to a boarding school there. He returned to Puerto Rico for seventh and eighth grade and then went to Washington, D.C., for high school, when his parents moved there. He began his university studies in Spain but returned to San Juan and finished undergraduate studies and law school at the University of Puerto Rico. He worked briefly at a law firm and then went to work for the government. After leaving the government he became a stock broker. He later returned to the government. In one political campaign he helped a candidate for govemor. Since 2001 he has been a solo practitioner in the practice of criminal defense law as a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel of the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.

Autor Carlos E. Beck
ISBN 978-0-9976316-0-9
Editorial Puerto Rico Paradise Press
Año 2016
Páginas 257
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